Flirting With A Global Connexion to Meaning and Cultural Symbiosis
Mini-bio and schematic outline

Born in Montreal, Quebec, 1969., currently residing and researching near Toronto, Canada, Matthew Ahern is a self-taught neurolytic social
communicator and theorist (who's primary focus is to deal with the removal and thus confronting of temporal adhesions as inflicted upon worn
out mental patterns, processes or systems). An artistic composer who has dwelled in the areas of sound composition, art-production and poetical
writing. His key interests here are to help roadmap, ratify and clarify a sublimative process of the mind for heightened conscious regenerative
states of awareness that shall be directed by the self-imposed moral governance of individuals to learn and to grow out from a trapped cistern of
collective consciousness and it's negative predisposition of human identifying traits and characteristics. Like all collective hierarchies, we neglect
ourselves and become enrobed and trapped in the barriers for which this cycle of society is forged and has been functioning between. Matthew
Ahern's work is aimed at undoing or rather dispelling the pre-patterning and functioning predisposition to these old and forlorn patterns that
waylay the human persona and world mindset at large, to wake a formidable companion of being within an ever unorthodox presentation of new
metalinguistic templates and themes for investigating self-identification marking and thus meaning. 'Meaning,' he states, 'is the full rhythmic
accreditation and association that heralds the conception of beauty, a truth residing within us all, heralding us from loss to awakening and thus a
contemplative strategy to a new and functional way of learning.'

It is this predisposition toward loss that has left culture in a cruel and barren deficit and thus ever searching for more … inadequate unto
ourselves we have waged a search throughout a meaningless field or ocean panning out for the fruits that will aid to bear us unto ourselves. We
can not merely function in this manner, no more than we could ever function without the correct breathing apparatus for dwelling beneath
water. Our loss has become quite communicable, like a disease it spreads and re-calibrates itself in all the hopeless notions and actions of our
antiquated and repetitive tasks and footsteps as we seek out new potent ways to understand one another. What we can not fathom is that all
this loss, albeit self-subscribed, was put upon us by ages of countless records of inadequacy. We have been drunk with it throughout the sundry
aeons and annals of time. Ahern's work insists to expand us beyond this ever old and forlorn frontier by confronting the individual that made up
society; rather than the person who has been own to it, to evade what perhaps has been the greatest dimming saga of mankind throughout the
far reaching ages of time. We have reached such global heights of renewal and reward and at this moment we are better connected than ever
before, culture-to-culture, body-to-body, and thus it is our great duty to rebuild this lingering meta-connection that is perhaps held between
individuals, by individuals, rather by raising up the better continuity of person-to-person communication in society than by dimly measuring and
distorting an overwhelming imbuing power of the greater collective mantle and its catalytic engine of wisdom that is summarily built upon an
unwitting citizen of the world. This, the neo-functioning template that Matthew Ahern subscribes to is anchored to a statement of reckoning
within fervent self-belonging and lies just beyond the outer frontiers or the lower aggregates of consciousness, of loss and fear, that set out to
apprehend us so. The new world is such that which shall find itself built upon harmonious forms within a symbiont re-construction and nonalienation
and reflexion of individuals born from out of the unwilling impoverishment of a desperate and temperamental society.

This website serves as a porthole to Matthew Ahern's artwork and theories for self-invention within his provocative cultural perspective. Welcome
to a new genesis of art and unfolding consciousness met with inner fusion of the soul for self-analytic governance and psycho-algorithmic
processing in action (more about this in future updates). Please watch for a new book entitled Psychotelemetry being prepared for launch
sometime in 2010 which will feature some of his own unique artworks and advancive ideas on this underlyingly critical and potent human theme


Meaningful quotes from Matthew Ahern drawing on art and learning

'Photography has always been a core interest of mine and visual language a highly thematic and expressive device for didactive meaning and
symbol generation. This formula was most apparent in my early typography work which now sees it's way into most of my current artistic
projects as a means to explore direct associations and rhythms of thought-sequences into an expressive and albeit emblematic composition. This
makes my work stand more on the level of the 'graphic;' rather that of the photographic. The idea of a directed intensity as the nucleus and the
relationship to deep colours fused to the added depth of human form that peers into the subconsciousness of the viewer … [this] is what informs
and inspires my work at the moment.'

'Other than the heart, art is unequalled in it's capacity to open up people and bring them together for a common goal or functioning. In the end
art is more about listening and letting go and fashioning the sense of the spontaneous thus allowing it to inform the individual radically who will
be readily involved with it as the bearer of its spontaneous fruit. We have less to do with the manufacturing of art; rather it (art) has more to do
with the rarefied informing and functioning of the individual who shall be entrusted to express and keep it.'

'Inspired to add depth, drama and meaning to my work I began adding layers of text and photographs that involved further developing them into
a lattice construct of film-vignette style photography (layers). I've often stated my love for much of Anton Corbijn's work and his repeated usage
of filmic compositional structures through his collaborative work with various famous musicians as his medium, not the least being his great work
with alternative music pioneers Depeche Mode and the various music videos that ensued from that collaboration. I think I try to create still
images combined with the formal interplay of layers to help create a filmic mood like that. His visual ideas (Corbijn) combined with my own
intrinsic tastes and sensibilities have most definitely bled into and informed my art to a lesser or greater degree depending how I'm working.'

'My images tend to inform music as conceptual drawings, a landscape for mood, meaning and cultivated expression, hopefully prompting the
viewer to further look within and to discover—through an albeit distorted lens—a hidden contextual emergence of abstraction for those who will
care to peer into it more deeply. I try to imbue terrific notions of hidden emotion and invention within extraordinary contexts citing juxtaposed
ideas to confuse and liberate the psyche and consciousness. Music is then used to blend to the theme and directly counterbalance the work.
These themes often include the notions of sex, longing, love, spirituality and suffering—basically the whole gamut, a litany of human emotion. My
work began as an exercise for self-expression that ended up going further afield as others' began to connect with my spurious way of dealing with
various issues of internal debate on various on-line portholes. I initially set out to capture all my struggles through didactive imagery (shaping
meaning for myself) and basically found myself seeing into an active vivified truth of what I have been through via the entire spectrum of my life.
Where the fun begins perhaps is when one can analyze something and then push it from an entirely rational perspective beyond the scope and
fundamental peripheries of it's original intent, into an utterly unknown landscape to an even more rarefied means of contextuality, to learn from
out of the hidden shapes and characteristics of the psychoanalytical codices of truth that we all bear and subscribe to if we care to look within and
imbibe. The message really is; be a willing recipient and allow ideas to unfold, then go as deeply as you might with those ideas.'

'To educate children is the most notable trust of our future. To educate the individual to own itself is the crest of our namesake. To entrust and
embolden those who will seed the populous of the greater future is to finally make providence unto a fractured and bespeckled world.'

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