The Psyche Of The Heart / Oracle Poet

In one extraordinary move your psyche can be freed from decades and cycles of tyranny. The winds of change carry with us new and weightless passages to greater frontiers, from straight lines to an upper trajectory past the wasteland that sits staring beneath us. The testimony you now read has taken me but ages to voice, it's an age old pattern of woe where the self beckons itself from its hidden chapters, nearing to gesture an unspoken term or a radical indice or prophecy. This latent trajectory 'so mystical' that sits so ever soft clinging to an open horizon is deft with heart and merry with passion. It's on its own fated terms to speak with candor from within all that might of love and soul. Listen now as we yearn to take part in the new history; whereas the world from before was split apart to ever renew in these close quarters, we breathe, we feel now, related and rested. Fear, and loathsome suffering are like the tempest lying within, and we have been holding him with no sense of freedom put upon ages and fruitless allegations in living testimony.

Release... from these treacheries and barnacles of comfort, to the debacle of night, from a spring time to a summer renewal—to oracle's gates. These are but the friendly missives and momentous hollows of thirst upon thirst for what we once bore. / And so no longer marred the shame leaves from upon us now... from impoverishment to an upper temperament, to the neo-natal headspin of our future present. Engulf what you once sought, believe what you once taught and yearn once more. Ever release that dimming spirit to ignite again in fresh acclimation, and cycle forward from sprightly loss and superstition to peace and an ever emboldened cure, an allegory of fated light, such unending delight we yearn.... / We will begin once again, we begin here, once more. Fair fated moon, tallow heart, so bright where we fled from our fictitious and enduring of slumbering night.

Matthew Ahern / April 2009

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